Saphear | DJ-Violin Duo

After years of travelling and changing residencies, Chrystal Chris arrived in Berlin where she soon met Sawatzki.
Their strong love for deep, complex electronic music led to their first performance, floating on a pristine lake – Saphear was born.
As a trained jazz violinist with a classical background, Sawatzki improvises to Chrystal Chris’ carefully curated selection of tracks, making each performance a unique experience.
Their sounds take you into ambient spheres of avantgarde, electronica, neo-classic and deep house.
This fusion shines in its own uniqueness, resonating between sadness and felicity, light and darkness, yin and yang.
Like crystals thrive with other solute molecules, Saphear grow steadily by attracting people through their enthusiasm.
Their highly energetic performances serve as a seed for crystallisation in all of us.
Catch them if you can!


Upcoming Gigs:

Date Event Venue Place

Past Gigs:

Date Event Venue Place
2020-07-26Freundetreffen Festival: CANCELLED SteingartenRüdersdorf, Germany
2020-05-29Techtakel: CANCELLEDDie RaketeNürnberg, Germany
2020-04-24Earthnight: CANCELLEDChrista KupferBerlin, Germany
2020-01-18Raum.SchiffbruchRaum.Schiff.BuchtBerlin, Germany
2020-01-17Seawatch & FriendsMensch MeierBerlin, Germany
2019-12-20Kolibri SinfonieKlunkerkranichBerlin, Germany
2019-12-15Vorletzte GefühleSisyphosBerlin, Germany
2019-12-06Love FoundationInsel der JugendMagdeburg, Germany
2019-11-30NachtschattenFiese RemiseBerlin, Germany
2019-11-22Rebellion der TräumerKater BlauBerlin, Germany
2019-10-19tba.MecraIstanbul, Turkey
2019-10-18Saphear at NOH RADIONoh RadioIstanbul , Turkey
2019-09-06Kolibri SinfonieKlunkerkranichBerlin, Germany
2019-08-10Fuchsiges FestivalTBAClose to Berlin, Germany
2019-07-14Katzensprung FestivalBand StageKierspe-Rönsahl, Germany
2019-06-10Love FoundationMensch MeierBerlin, Germany
2019-06-01Distortion Ø FestivalAlternative StageCopenhagen, Denmark
2019-05-03Kolibri SinfonieKlunkerkranichBerlin, Germany
2019-03-22Kolibri SinfonieKlunkerkranichBerlin, Germany
2019-02-17JK in einer BuchtLieblingsbuchtBerlin, Germany
2019-01-26Ravin' Ravin' (Love Foundation)Sektor EvolutionDresden, Germany
2019-01-19Poly_ZPolyesterOldenburg, Germany
2019-01-11TechtakelWaagenbauHamburg, Germany
2019-01-01NYE at KlunkerkranichKlunkerkranichBerlin, Germany
2018-12-15Kolibri SinfonieKlunkerkranichBerlin, Germany
2018-11-23Kolibri SinfonieKlunkerkranichBerlin, Germany
2018-11-16Femme FataleSchronPoznan, Poland
2018-10-28Kolibri SinfonieKlunkerkranichBerlin, Germany
2018-10-20Club OpeningTurturHamburg, Germany
2018-10-05Sa Terza Metari FestivalSa Casetta FloorOristano, Sardegna, Italy
2018-09-22SternstundeLieblings-BuchtBerlin, Germany
2018-09-20Bordel Des ArtsSalon zur Wilden RenateBerlin, Germany
2018-09-01Kolibri SinfonieKlunkerkranichBerlin, Germany
2018-08-23Moyn Moyn FestivalMoyn Moyn FestivalOyten, Germany
2018-08-17Bucht der Träumer*Atlantis StageHelenesee, Germany
2018-08-11Høj Luft IISydhavns TippenCopenhagen, Denmark
2018-07-28Kolibri SinfonieKlunkerkranichBerlin, Germany
2018-07-13Waha FestivalAlternative StageMicfalău, Romania
2018-07-01Fusion FestivalFire SpaceLärz, Germany
2018-06-23TechtakelMensch MeierBerlin, Germany
2018-06-15Meeresrausch FestivalKinkerlitzchen FloorPeenemünde, Germany
2018-06-09Clunys BirthdayBurg SchnabelBerlin, Germany
2018-06-03Kolibri SinfonieKlunkerkranichBerlin, Germany
2018-05-20Kulturelle LandpartieTBAClenze, Germany
2018-05-12Kolibri SinfonieKlunkerkranichBerlin, Germany
2018-05-09Hair Sweet Hair MusicFiese RemiseBerlin, Germany
2018-05-06Beate BarfußBeate UweBerlin, Germany
2018-05-01Letzter MaiJ_ecret K_ocationBerlin, Germany
2018-04-21KAOS wird 5!KAOSBerlin, Germany
2018-04-20Dance for KobaneMensch MeierBerlin, Germany
2018-03-03Kolibri SinfonieKlunkerkranichBerlin, Germany
2018-02-17Love FoundationLandbouwbelangMaastricht, Netherlands
2018-02-16Love FoundationDe RuimteAmsterdam, Netherlands
2018-02-10SilberkugelTante PinteBasel/Sissach, Switzerland
2018-01-26Schaluppen-SoliFabrique im GängeviertelHamburg, Germany
2018-01-21Raum.SchiffbruchSecret BayBerlin, Germany
2018-01-20TBAMOOSBerlin, Germany
2018-01-13S•A•S•O•M•OKater BlauBerlin, Germany
2017-12-17Something SlowKlunkerkranichBerlin, Germany
2017-11-24TechtakelMensch MeierBerlin, Germany
2017-11-18Come.CloserHotel ShanghaiEssen, Germany
2017-10-28WuzaSecret BayBerlin, Germany
2017-10-15SchiffbruchSecret BayBerlin, Germany
2017-09-30NichtgeburtstagSisyphosBerlin, Germany
2017-09-09Somewhere FestivalBoesdal Kalkbrud Rødvig Stevns, Denmark
2017-08-31Kybele ShowcaseKlunkerkranichBerlin, Germany
2017-08-27Sommerfest MüggelheimOpen AirBerlin, Germany
2017-08-21Kaleidoskobold FestivalSecret MillNear Cologne, Germany
2017-08-05Garbicz FestivalOpen AirGarbicz, Poland
2017-07-22Waha FestivalOpen AirMicfalau, Romania
2017-07-15Echoes from VenusPhotobasteiZürich, Switzerland
2017-07-13Flying CarpetAnomalieBerlin, Germany
2017-06-24Wahn & Sinn FundraiserKulturhaus KiliBerlin, Germany
2017-06-03RGB Club | Summer Kick-In64 Copenhagen, Denmark




Umwerfender Sound

Saphear, also Chrystal Chris in Begleitung von Sawatzki auf seiner Violine, habe ich […] in diesem Jahr zum ersten Mal gehört und war vom ersten Moment an begeistert von Ihrem umwerfenden Sound.

Bernard von Schiffbruch
DJ / event organizer

perfectly captured the atmosphere

Lovely music, perfectly captured the atmosphere and, together with the sunshine, helped me to return to earth after the madness of playing in the Hammahalle. Thank you two!

Robot Bennett
DJ / Producer

The mix is great

The mix is great, thanks for using my stuff in there!

That made my morning thnx 😉

Thanks Saphear! Great mix!

uuuuhh exciting!

Felix Schmeckefuchs